Thursday, November 29, 2007


After a couple of dropouts we finally got our game underway tonight vs ACSSL. Started pretty rosey with ET & me wiping out the initial rush, but only left me standing with no medics. I scouted their base enough to spot & take down some engies setting up position, so we pushed through next spawn. 1-0 to the good guys so we wall up for a bit.

Rubba's positioning of teleporters, turret & dispenser was causing a lot of havok for their attack, but they countered with double spies to break through. The malleable defense of soldiers and demomen kept them out though.

We ran another couple of sorties, but without the extra defense we traded caps for 2-1. They set up a defensive turret in their flag room to keep the single pushes out, but we were locking down again. They had problems with a player dropping, so that also helped out a bit.

Though the final minutes we succumbed to a big push, but had also penetrated the turret defense to nab one ourselves. I stayed back at their flag room to kill the sole medic returning for the cap and managed to hold off a few more before they got through. 3-2.

The final seconds tick down and we're feeling in control. They are taking down our defensive sentry with ease, but we've got too many bodies in the way to let them through. 3-2 final score and we're happy with the effort.