Monday, November 28, 2011

GameLog 226-227

I never thought I'd see the day when steam stats went blank. Admittedly I've been playing a couple of game outside steam, but the real killer has been the pressure to mark and report for the end of year. 65 hours. That'll be another story.

Grand Prix Story (6hrs) - Picked up this iPhone/iPad game after hearing a brief mention on 3 moves ahead. Plays pretty well, and lightweight enough that it feels like I'm not really playing while on a mini-break from marking.

Grepolis (3h) - Finally placed into vacation mode as it wasn't going to be an option with the workload I had.

Bookworm (1h) - been playing on and off for a bit, especially at the in-laws where sudoku and word games feel more appropriate.

Couple of other slight dabbles, but nothing to really report. Under 10 hours :/.

Monday, November 14, 2011

GameLog 224-225

Grepolis (20) - More war and development.

Space Pirates and Zombies (12) - Steam special. Been looking at it for a bit to see if it's like Space Rangers. More actiony and a different beast, but probably not a big attention getter with other titles on the horizon.

Heroes of Might & Magic 6 (10) - 2nd Campaign.

Skyrim (2h) - Veeyar Lv.2 - Picked it up for Sandy as a gift, but looks like it'll need to be run on mine. Doubt I'll be able to sit down seriously with it until school finishes.

Minecraft (1h) - New server for the LAN

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

GameLog 222-223

Grepolis (20) - Almost walked away, but now that there's a war on, it's getting interesting again.

Heroes of Might & Magic 6 (20) - Clean and slick, but somehow not as fun as what I remember the series to be.

King of Dragon Pass (14h) - Finally picked this up for iPhone as I'd baulked a couple of times at $10 for an indie title on that platform. Plays well, and has a good atmosphere to sink into. Very kind on the batteries, which is a good thing for long-haul trips.

Dungeon defenders (6h) - Looks like an interesting LAN game, but solo isn't too much fun

Terraria (2h) - Still can't beat the dungeon skelly