Sunday, November 18, 2007

GameLog 14

Pokemon Diamond (17h) - The DS is becoming a system I'm using more and more since you can just jump into the game where you left off with a minimum of fuss. Diamond is playing a lot like emerald at the moment :/. I've been spoiled by Puzzle quest, Zelda and Brain age utilizing the pen for virtually everything and it's wierd going to a game that is predominantly keypad. Intuitive interfaces FTW!
TF2 (9h) [QGL] lost against Hyphen gaming. Once I saw kinnear in the hyphen squad I knew we were in trouble, but Steam is what really killed the game.
Football Manager 08 (6h) Barrow, 10th ECN, Season 1. Tough section ahead with cup matches cramming up the schedule. At least the rotation players are getting a go.
Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (5h) - It's hyped up enough to get me into trying it out.
Puzzle Quest (1h) 26 Druid.
Brain Age 2 (1h) Morning wake up.
FIFA 07 (1h) Competitive Computer Games @ St Luke's.