Sunday, October 21, 2012

YASD by way of XCOM

Rookie Smith: First mission of the campaign he allowed an alien to flank him and critical hit, dropping Smith in one shot.    

Captain Medina: Guarding side door when floater came up over the 2 story building. Medina and Bernard  open fired from overwatch, but missed. Floater took aim from 15 paces and critical hit for 9 leaving Medina in a pool of blood. Traumatized, Bernard emptied the clip into it and brought it down.

Colonel Mason: Took a bold step in the raid against Alien HQ but stirred up a nest of Crysalids. The squad took down one, but 2 managed to get through and rip him apart before we could bring them down.

Rookie: While rescuing civilians he bravely stepped in front of another to fend off the last of a Crysalid wave. We are no match with them in hand-to-hand combat. Gutted. 

Colonel Williams: Long serving sniper took a muton grenade in the opening exchange. Her cover was also reduced to rubble, allowing a 2nd muton plasma shot to take her out before she could react.

Colonel Van Damme: Gifted assault trooper who served well as front line subduer. Attempted to gain good position on the outside of a window against the initial target when she startled a berserker, 2 elite mutons and 2 mutons. A muton grenade removed the wall, then a critical shot by an elite muton and a berserker charge took her down. She remained critically wounded, but the berserker and elite mutons kept the only other medic at bay for one turn too many.

Colonel Sanchez: Extremely gifted sniper made the ultimate sacrifice.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

GameLog 270 - 273

Another big slab of time without a GameLog ..

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (44h) - Lot of hype from the podcasts and websites I frequent made this a simple pre-order. Plays well in both a reminiscent way and an up-to-date

FTL (26h) - I thought I'd gotten into the kickstarter on this one, but it looks like I missed out. Still, made for an entertaining romp through randomly generated space with a near-complete game. Beat it with the Engi ship. Might be back to it ..

Warlock (20h) - Picked it up to pass the time until XCOM hit. AI still has problems spreading and got rolled by sheer economy. Could have won using any of the criteria, but put the AI out of its misery through conquest. Might be worth trying another one-city challenge for something like avatar victory.
GuildWars 2 (20h) - Veeyar Bones, 60 Mesmer - Still fun, especially at LAN ding dungeon runs or collaborative jumping puzzles.

Notoriously databased (5h) - More playthroughs and good discussions regarding the game. Added a couple more niceties to help smooth out play and am now working on a way to set bounties.

Pirates: Tides of Fortune (2h) - Level 39 - Finally someone wiped me. No incentive to rebuild.

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Portal looks like it's in for one heck of an update ...