Sunday, June 30, 2013

Won’t you come home?

Won’t you come home?

Luke 9:51-62

 - Looking forward to adventure
 - Some things don’t make it in
   o  No TV
   o No Computers
   o No air conditioning
   o   No warm showers
   o   No comfortable & familiar beds
 - Turning for home
   o   Good to be home
In the gospel reading today, Jesus turns resolutely for home, For Jerusalem
 - Up to this point his journey has been rather exciting. He’s been baptised, he’s called his disciples, he’s healed the sick, cured the blind, had a mountain-top experience with his Father, Moses and Elijah, fed the 5000, told lots of parables, and, as we heard last week, driving out demons. But now it’s time to turn home.
 - This isn’t going to be an easy road home. Jesus knows what is to come and Jerusalem is going to be a different place. There won’t be comfortable sofa to flop into, but a hard wooden cross. There won’t be friends and family to welcome you back, but a crowd full of hate, wanting him dead. Still, Jesus turns resolutely and heads back.
When he started toward Jerusalem, people had mixed reactions to his journey. Some were eager to join in, others refusing to listen, others happy to tag along on their own terms.  Jesus has no time for any of them and cuts to the bone.

Some people were all too eager to follow him. There had been wild sensation about this new teacher who drew large crowds and performed miracles? Could he be the messiah? We hear of one man stating that he would follow Jesus wherever he went, but Jesus isn't interested in his promises because he knew his heart. Jesus responds with a somewhat puzzling
“Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head”
Herod, the regional leader at the time, was also known as the fox, and Rome’s insignia is the eagle. Foxes and eagles have a place here that they call their own, but not the Son of Man, not Jesus. The man thought that Jesus was coming to kick out the Romans and establish his own kingdom here, but Jesus’ journey was to the cross and victory over sin, death and the devil. 
Focus and listen, really listen.

We hear of 2 others that hear Jesus’ call to follow him, but ask for a little time first. One wants to bury his father. A reasonable request even in today’s society. Jesus replies
“let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the Kingdom of God”
The Kingdom Jesus is establishing is not of this world. You think you need to spend time doing earthly chores, when a far more important a long-reaching task is being asked of you.

Another wants to say goodbye to his family first. Jesus once again cuts to the core:
            “No-one puts a hand to the plough and looks back is fit for service in the Kingdom of God”
The call to follow is NOW, not sometime later. There is work to be done NOW, not sometime later. You might love your family, they might really love you, but they can’t save you. 
Jesus says “Focus and work. Really work”

Our journey through life is short and fleeting. We’re on a camping trip. Sure it’s exciting sometimes, but there comes a turning point where we need to head for home. Our real home. Jesus' journey didn't end in Jerusalem, his real journey conquered the grave. He went home to heaven and is preparing a place for us. He’s there calling us. You can be comfortable here. 
Focus and listen, the turning point is now. 
Won’t you come home?

Monday, June 24, 2013

GameLog 297-298

Eador:masters of a broken world (22h) - Knife-edge balance between romping a map and being rolled. Everything's just got to go right or you could seriously lose the map or make it take 4 times longer to win. Begs to be save/loaded, but I'm resisting the urge unless there's monsters I haven't seen yet.  

Candy Crush Saga (14h) - Brain candy.

7 grand steps (10h) - Intriguing end of ages have kept this from getting a little predicctable. Got Sandy hooked too.

Kerbal space program (6h) - Attempting lunar orbits from the demo.

League of legends (5h) - LAN stalwart.

Terraria (5h) - I have a feeling that Cam's mates at school are now getting into this one, which has lead to more multiplayer requests. I'm finally out of my harcore character phase and have built a softcore to explore the current changes.

Warhammer Quest (1h) - iPhone game that I thought I'd get a little more mileage out of.

VR Demos (1h) - although the use of the Rift hasn't been as much as expected, it's certainly sparked an interesting array of questions.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

GameLog 293-296

Eador:masters of a broken world (40h) - Plays like dominions 3 mixed with Heroes of Might and Magic. Some really interesting overland map decisions with simultaneous turn resolution, coupled with tactical hex based combat. Lots of weighty decisions and a difficulty scale that puts most 4x builders to shame. Lots of 3am's seen due to this one.

Candy Crush Saga (20h) - Light enough the get a couple of games in before work or on the way to bed. I'm not sure what it is, but F2P games like this don't really make me want to spend money. I see the ability to win levels without resorting to paying up for advantages a challenge, and one that makes me dig deeper to accomplish rather than relinquish cash to remove.

7 grand steps (7h) - interesting indie game with solid mechanics and a mechanical arcade machine feel. Works well and engaging enough for me to see the sun rise.

League of legends (5h) - consistent games with cam and still the LAN stalwart.

Skyward collapse (3h) - interesting concept and $5. Just what's needed from an indie title. I think I've glommed onto a winning strategy though, so it mightn't have the legs that I thought it might.

TF2 (2h) - oculus rift testing as well as Steam's trading card beta.

More from the missing 2 weeks?