Sunday, November 18, 2007

Presence Presents

For Sandy's birthday I decided to do something about her internet presence. She had been using my hotmail account for mail and steck trading signups and didn't really see the need to get her own account.

The trouble is that there is more then just an email to build an online presence. Many sites require an email as a 'starting point' and frown on using the same address for more than one account. This rules out any chance of me and sandy using the same forum or social networking technology unless I used another email account when signing up. Since I usually jump on to test things first I'm used to using my hotmail account as a throwaway rego and spam account rather than thinking to the future.

The real solution was to get Sandy her own email account, and from there expand to MSN messenger, Facebook and of course, a blog.

While I was in the mood for setting things up I also took the time to get a couple of website names locked down.
- (and will hopefully be a blog for all of the family to contribute to since no-one else has a blog.
- will be the new name for this blog so I can move it if need be. Hopefully I can syndicate this feed onto bowesclan too.
- will be for the PhD stuff, but probably pointing back to this site until I get it in place.
- is locked away for a rainy day, but I doubt I'll need it as should suffice as I've used VRBones everywhere, not Tony Bowes.
- is also locked away in anticipation for Cameron's online emergence.

GoDaddy offered additional privacy for bulk purchases, so that got a couple more bucks out of me to get the last couple. Should be worth it in the end.