Saturday, December 07, 2013

GameLog 313 - 324

Been putting off doing a GameLog for a while mainly due to a site redesign coming up. Comments are now broken and there's other parts that needs a freshen up. Happy to stay with Blogspot for now, but am keen to completely redo the template.

Lots of things to be missed, but here goes ...

Warlock: Master of the Arcane (80h) - Armageddon map looked to add a whole lot more nastiness, but it still felt a little too easy once you get going. Tried a 1-city challenge on it and much more tense game. Final seal to fall and the mage guarding it seems almost impossible to take down with the set I have. Might just need to rush it and resurrect the unlucky.

Crusader Kings II (40h) - Fresh start and I'm already owning most of Scotland, Ireland and parts of France.

At the Gate (30h) - Closed Alpha testing.

League of legends (20h) - LAN stalwart. Slowing down the nightly need, but still ticking along. Alien Heimer skin!

Terraria (20h) - New patch has brought this one back into high rotation for LANs.

Path of Exile (16h) - F2P Diablo. Nice skill tree.

Card Hunter (10h) -After the month ended, it didn't really have the legs to keep me entertained. There's talk of expansions though.

Neptune's pride II (10h) - New release. Beginner game look to be Sandy's. Still in the 64 player, but only 1 planet left.

Tales of Maj Eyal (5h) - Seems easy for the most part, then an intense couple of turns when you know you're in trouble. Interesting how that's developing.

Long live the Queen (5h) - sounded like a better version of Persona or Princess maker, but the linearity of it got to me at the end.

Might & Magic, Duel of Champions (3h) - Sounded like an interesting CCG, but no single player past the initial tutorial. Little disappointing.

Legends of Eisenwald (2h) - Looked good, but still early beta or possibly alpha. Usually don't mind early release, but this seemed to just rub me the wrong way. Happy to wait a couple of months for it to get fleshed out.

Mount & Blade: Fire & Sword (2h) - LAN multiplayer.

Tower of Saviours (2h) - Moved distributors ofthe game and it took at least 1.5 hours to set up alternate accounts to keep the same save alive. Way to kill off a game!

F1 2012 (2h) - pre-race racing before the real F1

Hurl (1h) - VR Jumpy!