Tuesday, November 06, 2007

GameLog 12

Bi-weekly doesn't really feel right for a gamelog. There's a lot that happens in a week, let alone 2 weeks. Might have to knock it back to once a week again.

TF2 (45h) I'm starting to get top 3 positions pretty regularly now. GameArena has a league set up for TF2 and is the biggest league in the world so far. Hoping I'll find an oldskool team to join up wif. Playing for 5 hours straight also leads to gamerStink(tm). It's been away for a while, probably since QGL days, but it's certainly shower time after a good sesh of TF2.
Football Manager 08 (35h) Barrow, 8th ECN, Season 1. Even though the savegame says I've been playing for 2 days, I think it's counting times when I've left it running in the background while surfing the net or doing stuff around the house. 35 seems more likely. A bit suprising even at that count. I'm only getting into the first season now, probably 1/3 the way through. Even though there was a lot of work starting up the team and reorganising training / staff / loaners / tactics, it's looking like 70hours for a season.
Brain Age 2 (6h) Morning wake up and a couple of times when visitors are over.
Puzzle Quest (5h) 21 Druid. Kinda guessing at the usage as PQ pops out in the mornings or over at youth for a couple of spare minutes.
World of Warcraft (4h) Past level 70 it's feeling a different game. I'll play if Sandy is in the game, but TF2 keeps me more entertained at the moment.
FIFA 07 (2h) Competitive Computer Games @ St Luke's.