Monday, May 30, 2011

GameLog 200 & 201

Was going to do a reflection piece fo rthe 200th GameLog, but it'll have to wait for the holidays, totally snowed under at the moment.

Grepolis (40h) - VRBones, rank 159, 5 cities. Guesstimate at the time as it keeps sneaking a 1/2 hr or hour off me a couple of times a day. Farming is still painful, but the alliance certainly makes it play out longer.

Terraria (15h) - Steam says 35h, but I've left a server up and I think it must have tracked that (or Cam has been sneaking in more than I thought)

League of Legends (5h) - little filler time between the 40 minute grepo farming runs. Record for comp stomp now 15:57

Nothing else to report. Not even a facebook game. Feeling very edgy to code something, so I think oveer these hols in a couple of weeks I might start on Notorious or finish up Factor Friends

Sunday, May 15, 2011

GameLog 198 & 199

Grepolis 2 (30h) - Maturing into mid-game. Alliance banter and teammanship is keeping me in it.

Mount & Blade: Fire & Sword (24h) - Present from Greig for my birthday. Plays a little more randomly as one stray bullet can kill you instantly. More like a lottery whether you get through a battle unscathed. Bit more work on the quests and storyline, but it still has a number of times when you know what you want to do, but don't know how to tell the game how to do it. Played a number of characters, but I don't seem to be able to get in on one of the sides. They want me to be more noted, although it feels like I've been playing more than native mode.

League of Legends (8h) - vs AI games go less than 30 mins now; just neatly under a 40 mins grepo farming pass.

Universe Sandbox (2h) - Another steam game for my birthday. Pretty impressive real time gravity manipulation. Might be a good one for Cam, or school science.

Monday, May 02, 2011

GameLog 196 & 197

2 weeks of holidays. Far too many games to catch up on.

Grepolis 2 (65h) - OCD heaven. click, click ... click. New farming system is worse than farmville, but the alliance is worth the hassle.

Portal 2 (12h) - Pretty good single player, but puzzles and a single path means either the story or the puzzles suffer. It's the puzzles.
Multiplaye looks pretty good so far, and hints at a long term release of puzzles (hopefully with a level builder)

League of Legends (10h) - vs AI games go less than 30 mins now; just neatly under a 40 mins grepo farming pass.

Starcraft 2 (4h) - Cam has been playing lots of starcraft, and has recently found 2v2 and 4v4 maps. Played a couple myself and can handle 4v4 mediums vs hards. nice way to ease into a balanced competitive environment. Cam spends most of his time looking at what the other AI's are building though.

Hoard (2h) - LANs a bit.

Warhammer 40K Dawn of War (2h) - Some last stand shenanigans

Dragon Age Legends (1h) - Facebook game from Soren Johnson.