Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas !

Of all the presents received on Christmas day, nothing compares to DIRT!

Monday, December 21, 2009

GameLog 125 & 126

Football Manager 2010 (20h) - T.Bowes - FM 2010 Sitting in 4th after a dozen or so games in Blue Square Premier. Team is looking Ok to make promotion, although I lost one of my star forwards to a broken leg. Trades have dried up now that we have transfer windows, but I have most positions covered well.

Titan Quest: Immortal throne (16h) - Finally downloaded Titan Quest as it and Company of Heroes killed the downloads for the month. It's still surprisingly good. I'd even go so far to say that it's the best diablo clone on the market. Ran a character through with Ben over the weekend and have some nifty items to push through the expansion content.

Dominions 3 (15h) - Playing through one of the set maps. Makes the content a littlee more meaningful than the random maps. I think that's more because of the poor random map generator than anything else.

Colonization (10h) - Watching John Adams on SBS had me hankering for some new world discovery and rebellion.

Civ 4: Fall from Heaven (10h) - Playing through Colonization reminded me of FFH. Tried to make a goer of a different race this time, the Grigori. They play REALLY weell and will probably be my go-to race from now on.

Dawn of War II (7h) - Played some of the Campaign with Ben, and a bit more survival mode. Survival mode looks to be the one for LANs.

Bejewelled Blitz (2h) - Usually keep going until I get past the 250K mark

Monday, December 07, 2009

RPG Card Game v0.8

Finally managed to have a couple of run throughs of my RPG card game with Andrew at lunch and came up with some interesting updates from merely talking about it, but then some greater tweaks after playing through 10 or so games.

1) Simultaneous play: While going through the initial concept I was a little confuzed at whether attack and defense cards are played face down and then flipped for simultaneous play, or whether it was played as a single card and a response. The idea of simultaneous play sounded like what it ended up being, but looking back at the document later I recalled that the defender played first and the attacker had cause to respond. This gave the advantage to the attacker at each turn rather than to the defender, but I liked the idea of simultaneous play even more. After further discussion we fleshed it out to playing BOTH attack and defense cards at the same time face down, and then exposing both for a single round of combat. Sometimes felt a little rushed, but I guess that's a good thing because the game needed a little pepping up. Might have a play through with defender leading like I originally thought just to see if there's anything extra strategically I'm missing out on in going to simultaneous play.

The great thing about simultaneous play is that it enhances the metagame. You may have a good idea on what the opponent has in hand by simply counting cards, but you may not know whether they will play a strong card for you to counter, or a weak card expecting your strong counter. Yomi (knowing the mind of the opponent) at it's finest. Unfortunately out of the 10 or so games I played there wasn't too many times when I needed to think this way as I knew I was behind on most matchups (playing monster) and had a high cycle time for the stronger moves. We'll see what happens tomorrow when we play again with a more limited deck.

2) 7 card attack/defense deck: One of the things noted was that even after stacking 5 treasure cards into his deck, Andrew could still beat a monster deck 1 level below his. it took a long while to gain those 5 cards using the tradeup strategy of the original game, so it certainly wasn't expected that you'd play an hour or so and still be in on the same level. reducing the amount of cards inn your deck to 7 allows treasure cards to carry much more risk per card as it combines and dilutes the player's deck.

Another pondering I had on the original design was that calculating your level (average of your card's face values) was harder at 13 cards than if it were at something like 10 cards. Dropping the attack/defense deck to 7 allows the total cards making up the character (including life) to 10. Nice and simple to find out your level, add the face values and divide by 10.

3) Challenge dungeon has battles on the way out: One of Andrew's ideas as the "Hero" was that it seemed odd being able to skip out of a dungeon once you know you had what you were looking for. To change this the challenge dungeon could be made up of a number of rooms per level, and the further you wen in the more battles you had to face on the way out. This way it made the choice to turn around that much more earlier as you needed to think of getting out with a decent amount of loot.

There was also a distinct advantage of the hero over the monster at a level below (mainly due to 6 life compared to 9), so the monsters could be made up of the integer component of the player's level (New start of player's level gives 2.9, therefore the monsters start at 2, but entering at 3.1 would have level 3 mosters). Hopefully this would give rise to deeper dives to skip past low-rated parts of level advancement.

4) Treasure is back to additive: Once you get back out of a dungeon, you can purchase anything that you have a combination of cards for. Even though this ramps up quite quickly to getting 10's and face cards, the total number of games should be playable in a session of an hour or 2 for a challenge, so at 3 minutes a game, 20 games in total to get someone up to the top tiers. Going 3 deep into a dungeon would be 5 games per run, so ~ 4 runs per hour. First run should nett ~4 treasure cards and ~10 points to gain taking them to level 4, 4 at level 4 would be ~18 points, or nearly level 6, ~24 points to level 8. By this stage they should have a number of custom cards and access to the end-game content. Another dive would take them to ~level 9 because of doubleup and cards not able to be traded in for unique deck cards. maybe there wouldn't need to be much deeper than that to keep the face cards somewhat special.

Treasure also has a new rule in that if you draw a treasure card that you already have, you can combine it and the one you have for a next-higher-ranked treasure card. Eg: You already have a 3 of diamons and you draw another, you can trade them both in for a 4 diamonds, keeping the dilution the same as before, but better value. This also allows higher rated cards to be chosen than what the dungeon monsters provide.

I'm still leaning toward having scenario dungeons, but at the moment there might be a couple more lunchtimes to tweak out the basics before setting up a monster loadout.

GameLog 123 & 124

Football Manager 2010 (37h) - T.Bowes - FM 2010 AAR is still going, despite some extra pressure from more steam buys. Made a big push into the final part of the season to get promoted. Now I need to rebuild the team again for the next push up into professionalism.

Dawn of War II (17h) - Some crazy Steam offerings ove rthe thanksgiving weekend had the whole 17 THQ games on sale for $50. I remember paying that for DoW2 for Matt & Scott ...
Couple of attempts at playing through the campaign, but the last stand mod looks interesting. Laggy with just 3 peple and skype though. Wierd.

GRID (7h) - Would have thought there was more than 7 hours, but I'm happy to trust Steam this time. Another cheapie over the thanksgiving weekend and a decent game for $7. Plays a little bit easier than I had thought, and no way of tuning cars that I can tell. Had some lag issues every now and then, and this combined with lagouts in DoW2 had me go through the Win 7 rebuild I'd been putting off. Seems to be running cleaner now ..

Also found out that my old Logitech wingman yellow wheel is finally cactus. Bit of a sad end to it as it sputtered around the calibrations, but GRID failed to pick it up even after calibration. Oh well, looks like I'll need a PS3 / PC compatible wheel for Gran Turismo anyway..

Dragon Age: Origins (3h) - Alim, 8 Elven Mage - Picking my way through the elven forests. More interesting scenarios followed by some intense battles.

Osmos (2h) - Another cheap thanksgiving buy at $2. Been meaning to pick this one up for ages and even though I've played most of it in 2 hours, it's a great price for a novel, intelligent indie game.

Bejewelled Blitz (2h) - Usually keep going until I get past the 250K mark

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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Rammstein vs Cookie monster

Awesome little vid of Cookie monster vs Rammstein. (embed didn't work?)