Monday, November 26, 2007

GameLog 15

Pokemon Diamond (20h) - Berries and breeding time...
TF2 (11h) [QGL] won 4-0 on 2Fort. Far more comfortabe on that map. Next week has us defending against ACSSL again on 2fort, so I'm pretty confident. Might even play this week :/.
Football Manager 08 (9h) Barrow, 2nd ECN, Season 1. Out of all cups so it's now a race to the endo of the season. We placed higher than expectations on all cups, but Hadji breaking down with a thigh strain sealed our fate in 2 of them.
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships (8h) - Trawling through the DS games looking for something playable. The game feels a little tight, with no real access to a lot of information you need to make the game play. Well that's not entirely true, the info is there, it just isn't in a very presentable format. The card game itself looked a little simple with essentially no casting costs, but the overplay on top of the basic cards is what makes it involving. I like the challenges, but I don't know how to get past level 1 in the duels (played ~20 duels) :/.