Monday, February 06, 2012

GameLog 236-237

Really need to do the GameLog of 2011.

Fallen Enchantress beta (23h) - Much, much better than Elemental ever was, but it feels a little slow paced. I know it gives more time for the heroes to do their stuff, but it sometimes leads into a position where you disturb a giant and have no chance of defense, so you may as well keep pushing.

Grepolis (15h) - Big push by EN.
Dwarf Fortress (10h) - Built another colony with a valley below the river. ttempting to see if a dam is possible.
UFO: Alien Invasion (5h) - Open source UFO: Enemy Unknown. Good buildup to Jagged alliance coming soon.
OpenTTD (5h) - Multiplayer with Sandy & Cam
Blight of the Immortals (4h) - Ironhelmet online board game. Worked well for LAN.
Jupiter's Folly (3h) - Ironhelmet online board game for LAN.
Hacker Evolution: Duality (3h) - They have changed it, but it still feels too artificial. It's more like a puzzle than a sim. Uplink remains my favourite hacker game.
League of Legends (2h) - LANTF2 (1h) - LAN
Terraria (1h) - Quick couple of games with cam.
Crusader Kings II demo (1h) - Woohoo!