Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CK2: Interesting Choices

Finally at 4am Crusader Kings II was unlocked and I could finally download it. A bit late for the anticipated Valentine's Day playthrough with Sandy, but at least we got a couple of hours in this morning.

What really makes this game come alive is the messy situations that the game throws at you. Hopefully I'll record a couple of these in a Sid Meier's Interesting Choices homage.

Situation: I'd shuffled around the council a little to get a genius theologian with 21 skill into the court chaplain position. Sacrificed a little opinion in doing so, but should be worth it in the long run. 6 months later he presents me with this interesting choice:
"Hey, I've been following this Cather heresy stuff and I think they are onto a good thing. You with me?" (paraphrased, should have grabbed a screenie)
Choice 1: Yep. [ and be potentially excommunicated and run through by every country within 1000 miles ]
Choice 2: Lock him up [ and then have to search again for a new chaplain ]

Outcome: In the end it had to be 2, although I was tempted enough by the offer to actually look up what Catharism was all about to see if it was indeed heresy by my standards (Lutheranism was also heretical when it started).

Situation: My first born son has finally come of age and looks like a perfect candidate for the Scottish King's 4-year-old daughter. I set up the match, but while he's deciding an interesting choice pops up at the King's feast that is currently underway:

"The wine's good and there lots to go around"
Choice 1: Drink up! [ and gain the "drunkard " trait ]
Choice 2: I've had enough [ and reduce the King's opinion of me ]

Outcome: If this were any other time I'd probably have gone with 2 as I hate picking up negative attributes, but with the marriage proposal on the table it was just too risky. I hope "Gillie-Crist" realises the sacrifice his dad is making to keep the dynasty strong.