Tuesday, January 24, 2012

GameLog 232-235

Doh, missed another bi-weekly update. Going to have to dig back into the memory banks to remember all the steam sale constituents and surrounding holiday period goodness. for now, here the steam list:

Total War: Shogun 2 (60h) - Still trying to win the legendary campaign. Got very close with one Shimazu game, but am now finding it hard to even conquer Kyushu.

Grepolis (50h) - Couple of coordinated assaults. Looks like I might have to give this one away when school starts back up though

Might & Magic: Heroes VI (30h) - Kinda got into this after remembering about the Kingdoms online game. Campaign is still somewhat enjoyable as an optimised exprience, but has still lost something.

OpenTTD (20h) - Went hunting for Railroad Tycoon and ended up finding OpenTTD. Plays pretty well multiplayer, but is a little obtuse to get into.

Dungeons (5h) - A little more through it. Campaign has some quirky triggers that have detracted, but it's still a good baseline for comparing Notorious to.

EYE (5h) - LAN fun with guns

Demigod (5h) - On ultrafast setting it's more action oriented, but misses some of the subtler elements of the game. Still, as a multiplayer it gets the game over quickly.

The Ship (1h) - LAN fun with paddles & knitting needles.

TF2 (3h)
LoL (3h)
Blight of the Immortals (5h)
Kingdoms (2h)