Monday, May 31, 2010

GameLog 147 & 148

Star Wolves 3: Civil War (36h) - FINALLY got my birthday present from Greig to download over steam. When steam fails, it FAILS. Took a little to get into as the 8600 couldn't really get it cranked. The interface was also a little clunky, but that seems typical for 1C games; almost there, just not quite. The story has been pretty linear too. Although it feels you can deviate from the main plot if you really wanted, you can't as your ship randomly explodes if it goes somewhere unexpected. Reminds me of Final Fantasy and both don't fit the type of free exploration games I'm used to playing.

League of Legends (15h) - Game of choice for all concerned at Matt's place. At one point there was all 4 of us sitting in a room playing LoL, but all in different games. Ahh the potential!

Neptune's Pride
(14h) - More or less game over now with Sandy mopping up and me holding on to 2nd.

Grepolis (10h) - Ticking over in the Delta region now. Lot slower paced than Epsilon.

Final Fantasy XIII (6h) - After dinner game with Cameron.

Mount & Blade: Warband (4h) - Another present from Greig. Online play felt a little underdone and is a total gankfest, but after looking at how it plays and comparing it to the campaign battles, I'm not sure I should have expected any different. Started a new campaign, but there's not too much in there compared to the mods of the original. Combat seems tougher now, but the same old tricks work.

FIFA world Cup: South Africa 2010 [Wii] (3h) - Game from Matt while up in Mackay. Even though it's an EA game, it controls and plays differently than normal FIFA. Not sure whether that's the Wii or the game, but probably a bit of both. Shooting and corners are now incredibly easy, while passing and transitioning from defense into offense are abysmal compared to previous games. Just ... wierd. One thing it has going though is a good feeling of the sense of occasion. I can see me popping this one in a couple of times in the leadup to the World Cup to get in the mood.

Borderlands (2h) - LAN games.

TrackMania Nations (1h) - Shalom finally made it over for a matchup, now they'll hopefully join in for winter season starting next week.