Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thursday Theory

After completing the Post Grad teaching last year, my 1 day a week off this year was to refocus back on the PhD on procedural world generation. That was, as it happened, until I moved the free day to Thursday so that I can concentrate on delivering the Head to the Heart youth group sessions for St John's. I still need more motivation to do something more productive with my time though, as the more recent Thursdays off have been procrastinated away playing Grepolis or League of Legends.

After last week's graduation triggered my memory about "who you know who knows what you know", I thought I'd try something different. On Thursday I'll try to write an article about a concept that I've previously discussed with people, but isn't written down anywhere. Hopefully these articles are going to take a couple of hours each, and give me some focus for kaizen.

All I need is a catchy tagline: Thursday Theory.