Thursday, May 20, 2010

GameLog 143 - 146

Been a real busy set of weeks, especially last Thursday when I was hoping to write these up ...

Grepolis (45h) - Epsilon game has faded away somewhat. I'd more or less gone incative by the time NoE started their big push. I'm glad i haven't lost any cities to them in the past 2 weeks, but they are being divested to worthy players now.

Started in Zeta, but got the worst island and position ever. Cancelled the start in the hope of rejoining over NE with previous Royal Regimant players, but it's past that and it's still not offering me a choice to rejoin :/.

In the lull of Zeta kicking back in I started on Delta and have a moderate starting location. I've overtaken eveeyone on the closest islands, but am now debating whether to go with an alliance or stick it out on my own.

Heroes of Gaia (35h) - Started this MMO with Sandy as a Grepolis we can play together. It looks and plays like Heroes of Might and Magic, but started to get very samey. Sandy nailed it when She said "It's missing an X". It was a very time intensive game too compared to Grepolis and Neptune's pride.

League of Legends (20h) - Mainly a late night game with Scott, Carina and Greig. The skill matching is working pretty well and it's usually an intense 30 minutes per game. Currently playing Ashe and Heimerdinger. Heimer is less useful when playing agaist a team intent on ganking, but can easily hold his own in a standup battle.

Neptune's Pride
(10h) - Another online game with Sandy to find the missing X. It's playing pretty good now, but certainly a game that should be played among friends for that extra diplomacy kick. So far it's like a lightweight Masters of Orion.

Final Fantasy XIII (4h) - After dinner game with Cameron. Must be getting close to the world exploration part. The linearity of the game is starting to piss me off. The massive cutscenes make it more of a movie with random pressing of X to continue. The story does make it reasonable for Cameron to watch, as the combat is now starting to surpass his skill level.
Borderlands (2h) - LAN games at my place.

TrackMania Nations (1h) - Summer season of CCG finished up with Ted taking out the finals