Monday, June 14, 2010

GameLog 149 & 150

EVE (15h) - Lance has gotten me back into EVE.

Grepolis (14h) - Found an open spot on the island next to me for a cheap 2nd city.

Star Wolves 3: Civil War (12h) - Still pretty linear, but it also made me link up with EVE again.

League of Legends (10h)

Dominsions 3 (10h) - New game after a podcast of Simtex's Master of Magic got the juices flowing again.

100 Rogues (5h) - iPhone rogue. Thought it'd be a bit better than it was for a paid game.

Neptune's Pride
(4h) - More or less game over now with Sandy mopping up and me holding on to 2nd.

Civ4: BtS (3h) - LAN game with Ben and jo

Final Fantasy XIII (2h) - Still liner :/.

Borderlands (2h) - LAN games.

TrackMania Nations (2h) - Winter sport started up.