Monday, April 06, 2009

Toshiba A10 BSOD on standby mode

Been tracking a particularly weird problem with the new A10's here at St Luke's: All seem to crash upon entering standby mode. An easy workaround was to turn off standby mode, except you can't do it as a normal user, so they all now have admin rights. Since it was also repeatable directly off Toshiba's XP downgrade disk, I poked around for a couple of weeks testing different combinations.

Finally found a solution that's repeatable: Disable all network cards in management console, then reboot, then re-enable them again. No idea why that would fix it. I was on my way to enabling them one at a time to see if it was a specific card, but once all of them were enabled and the problem was still gone, I tested it again on the SOE image and it definitely works.