Monday, March 09, 2009

GameLog 82

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix (32h) - Put off getting this for a bit to see whether it was worth it for the PS3, but finally decided that mouse is going to be less frustrating after seeing there's a timed mode in the game for jumpgate hacking.

I think the original game was more addictive, but that said I still stayed up to 3am Wednesday night, followed by 4am Thursday night even when I knew Friday was going to be a big day. The whole package is more polished and feels more like an RPG with puzzle elements rather than a puzzle game with an RPG framework. The game itself is addictive, although the puzzles aren't as such.

The puzzles are interesting though, and I like the slight variations between the different modes. They all rely on core spotting and manipulating skills, but give slightly different criteria to complete the puzzle. Mining rewards maximizing new gems, Hacking rewards fast spotting and direction manipulation, Haggling rewards direction manipulation and reading future moves, Manufacture rewards combos and future moves, and fighting puts all skills to the test depending on your setup.

One benefit of having it on Steam is that I get to see exactly how many hours I've put in the game instead of giving a ballpark.

Skate 2 (4h) - Mainly skating with Cameron. He's getting pretty good in bowls and is able to do handplants at will along with hippy jumps and grinds. Lining up grinds are still a problem, but they sometimes are for me too.

Trackmania Nations Forever (2h) - Week 3 of Competitive Computer Games at St Lukes along with a couple of sessions on the "Real F1" server.