Tuesday, March 03, 2009

GameLog 81

2 days up at Rocky for Uni put a little dent in the play time.

Civ4:BtS (25h) - German campaign is going great. The Luftwaffe have decimated all comers with first Poland (grabbed it all before Russia joined in) and then an agressive France brushed aside with air bombardment. I had taken most of France before May 1940, so the war reads a little topsy turvy with Vichy France being established before Netherlands joined in.

England also fell to air superiority. Their northern fleet had been holed up in London and Inverness and made good target practice. The whole island was pretty much gutted before I managed to get some paratroopers in there to mop up. Italy then joined in so I moved the planes down to Tobruk to continue pounding on the English occupying Egypt and Iraq.

With only a handful of cities left, the only thing that looks ominous is a potentially early Russain campaign. I can't see USA being a problem since they'd have nowhere to launch from.

Skate 2 (8h) - Finding and playing spots.