Monday, March 30, 2009

GameLog 84&85

Really light on over the past 2 weeks as an assignment was due on Friday.

Football Manager 09 (34h) - Gateshead 1st Blue Square North. Found a great striker for loan and pushed through the turns. once out of the congestion of trophies we started racking up the wins to lead the league. Pretty confident I'll go up, but the finances aren't fully in order as well as a bloated roster from the initial setup. I'm warming to the 3D view, it's got enough info in it to make it worthwhile over the other views.

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix (2h) - Level 37. Finished up the main quest line with the last boss only having one turn (which was my mistiming). Infinite turns kinda ruined it, but luckily I was close enough to the finish to push it through.

Skate 2 (2h) - Procrastination time.
Street fighter 4 (1h) - Procrastination time.

Trackmania Nations Forever (1h) - Just a bit of time at CCG