Monday, March 16, 2009

GameLog 83

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix (14h) - Level 34. I've got a build now that pretty much wins without the opponent having a go, so I think I'm done. Getting deep into the campaign, maybe a couple more hours to go.

Team Fortress 2 (8h) - Playing late at night instead of studying. Procrastination.

Football Manager 09 (6h) - Been hankering for Empire:Total War, but FM09 has been waiting on the sidelines longer. Gateshead are the team of choice again. 09 has finally blocked off my secret strat of employing 8 coaches off the bat, but looks like it's lifted up a bit on the loaning of players, so it's a team full of someone else's players that will hopefully get me across the line. First one only lasted 10 minutes before ripping a tendon. Hope the rest don't implode as I have no loaner left to fill the gaps. At least I can hand them back (return to base warranty).

Trackmania Nations Forever (3h) - Week 4 of Competitive Computer Games at St Lukes along with a couple of sessions on the "Real F1" server.