Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Conversations by trackback

David posted a conversation starter to demonstrate how Blogs can now be used instead of discussion forums:
The assumption should be that, if possible, each participant in the conversation can have their own blog on a different provider. i.e. everyone shouldn’t have to get a blog on to engage in the discussion.

I'm pretty sure I've tried it before, but Blogger doesn't natively support trackbacks. It was one of those optional features that didn't really seem too useful 2 years ago when I searched for another blog platform after the demise of VRWorld. WordPress didn't really have a decent label system back then, which was far more important as this blog still remains a personal space for me to collect thoughts and ideas for my own use.

Since that time I've searched a number of times to see if they have finally implemented trackbacks, but alas, backlinks seem to be the preferred option (possibly because Google has a virtual monopoly on providing backlink information and would not be in their best interest to devalue them?).