Wednesday, November 19, 2008

GameLog 66

Matt and Nat arrived on Wednesday night in preparation for St John's Gala Dinner. Just in time to help me get Guitar Hero: World Tour out of the car. Greig and Tanya made it mid-morning Saturday after being stuck for 9 hours on the highway after a semi-trailer gas leak.

Guitar Hero: World Tour (15h) - With brothers arriving from up north, this one got a hammering. Drums are certainly new, lead guitar is a bit spongy, mic tone display looks borked, and old guitar can only play bass. Apart from that the songs are a blast. Seems to be many classics compared to GH3.

Fallout 3 (5h) - VRBones, Level 12. Bit more through the storyline, then shoved out of the way as the PS3 entertained the northerners.

Little Big Planet (5h) - More online than the storyline, although I'm up through mehico.

WoW:WotLK (4h) - After grabbing a couple of games right on release, I sheepishly asked Darren, the Gameterader manager whether he was going to be open for midnight release of Wrath. Nope, but he delivered it instead! THAT'S AWESOME! Matt and I played through 'til 4am in the new area.

World of Goo (1h) - Greig wanted to have a look at this one as well as others from crunch month.

Farcry 2 (1h) - Demoworthy