Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Site Redesign?

I've been more and more frustrated with the newspaper-like design. It started out as a simple selection from the blogger templates that needed only minor tweaks to match the "green screen" look of the old VRWorld website, but the lack of resizing has always bugged me.

A couple of years on and the right hand pane is filling up with all sorts of crap. It's now just looking messy. I tried to make it resizeable fairly early on in the piece, but the template uses a fixed width background to do the dropshadow and it was relegated into the "ToDo" bin to figure out what needed to be hacked up to make it scale.

Now I'm of the opinion it all needs to go. Start afresh with a new template that automatically scales, then build back the theme. After playing through the virtual level in World of Goo it reminded me of the neon VR feel I wanted at the start that the site now no longer resembles.

- Back up the page as it stands.
- Dump in a new template
- Re-add the tag cloud code
- Fix delicious links
- Fix feedjit colours
- Fix the background
- Play World of Goo