Monday, November 10, 2008

GameLog 65

Fallout 3 (20h) - VRBones, Level 10.
The gamelogs have stopped, but more because I've turned toward the main storyline. After detailing the vampire plot it felt potentially spoily, even though I've had no such qualms in getting very detailed in other AARs. I think it's because I know that the plot will remain the same. It's not a football side in a game that diverges so fast it's more or less unique or a turn based strategy in a random world, it's going to always be the same. The main plotline is even more like that as everyone sooner or later will try to get to the radio station to find Dad and go through the 'cutscene' stuff presented.

Suffice to say that I'm another 10 hours along the main storyline. I've been having a blast digging around and exploring, but it just felt right to go find Dad and continue on what transpired from there. I know I could just bail out and do another quest if I felt like it, but I'm happy on the rollercoaster so far. Weird. The main plot is incredibly linear, but doesn't feel that way due to the knowledge that you've chosen to keep on the trail.

The game is going good and it sucks me in for hours on end when I get it started.

Football Manager 09 Demo (10h) - Gateshead starting off again. New 3D match mode was a bit of a disappointment on first impressions, probably because it feels like 5 year old technology compared to FIFA. I went back to the 2D engine for a bit, but there's enough extra detail in the 3D engine with a direct correlation to what's happeneing on the 2D engine (unlike other manager games that have tried 2D/3D) that I'm happy now.

Little Big Planet (7h) - Had a blast getting started, but it got a little tedious in that platformer type way. SO much more fun online though. Seriously thinking of getting another controller to play through it with Sandy.

Cameron now has his own profile too, and he's OK with the running and jumping, but just starting to get to grips with the up/down -> in/out of screen translation. He's grabbing stuff now too. Sandy and I made up a level for him to muck around in. Boy it's harder work than I thought...