Wednesday, October 08, 2008

GameLog 59 & 60

Uni is finished for the year and school holidays have come and gone.

Warhammer Online (30h)
Veeyar, 18 Bright Wizard, Lustria
Veeyar, 11 Shaman, Anlec
Finally got some time to build up some toons in Warhammer. Lustria started off pretty good, but it's a deadzone compared to the betas. Finally made up another character on the OpenRvR server and it's a totally different experience with Scenarios popping with less than a 10 minute wait.

GH3(7h) - Sam brought over his guitar for some co-op and battles for the Saturday LAN. Good fun. Looking forward to GH:WT.

Fallout 2 (7h) - Started playing Fallout 2 in preparation of Fallout 3 in a month's time. It probably hasn't aged as well as I remember.

Trackmania nations (5h) - Real F1 Racing have set up 100 famous F1 circuits with a 5 lap, no restart server. Seemed odd to start with and a little anal with the ruleset, but I'm enjoying it a lot now.

FM08 (5h) - Gateshead, 2nd BlueSquare Premier - Read a bit about FM09 and it's new 3D mode. Either this version is going to be the last of the greats or the new one will be the first of an even greater series. Triggered me into at least finishing off the season.

Kongregate (2h) - Played enough to get a couple more cards for Kongai
Kongai (2h) - Started some ranked games because the practice was getting a little antsy with people kicking or dropping more often than not.