Friday, October 31, 2008

All Fallen Out

Ok, Fallout 3 wins. This game is amazing, especially after FarCry 2 left me wanting to interact more with the people to give me more valid options other than "kill this guy". It's FarCry environments laid on top of Oblivion freedom, all in a classic Fallout style.  I'm sure the guys doing Michael's uni course on RPG's are going to to be pleased. This IS Fallout. The next generation of Fallout for another generation of gamers.

I'm feeling pressured about the Game Deluge, especially after I've ramped up my involvement with CollectorsEdtition, but so far so good. FarCry 2 stepped back into the shadows to leave me with an open window for Fallout 3's early release yesterday. The only thing is I doubt I'm going to be able to put down F3 anytime soon. 7 days until LBP. 14 days to Wrath and GH:WT. Erkk.