Monday, March 17, 2008

GameLog 31

Pirates! (25h) - After playing through PotBS test it reminded me of Sid Meier's Pirates! Matt had mentioned playing it over the christmas break and that had also made me reconsider digging it out. For some reason I didn't get much out of it the first time around. I don't think I even finished 1 character. The original on the amiga was awesome, one of the first truly open ended games. Maybe it was the fond memories of the original that made me critique the remake so much. It certainly felt a lot fresher going back to it and the ship combat was smooth and tactical. Certainly felt more engaging and 'getting down to the fun' than PotBS.

This time around it was really hard to put down. I'd spent most nights of the week up to at least 2am playing it with 'just one more battle' or 'just gotta get back to sell off that spice before dividing the plunder'. Hallmarks of a great game.

Dwarf Fortress (20h) - Soaking up my lunch hour at work along with a different dungeon at home. Convinced Sam to give it a go too.

Football Manager 08 (2h) - Dabbled a little. Still no more games though.

Trackmania Nations (1h) - St Luke's CCG.