Monday, March 10, 2008


While I was at the reso college I had an idea of making another log similar to the GameLog to track the effort I'm putting in to the Uni course. Hopefully this will also stir (shame) me into keeping up with the study.

25/4 (9h) - First day at the residential college. I had arrived to a waterlogged Rockhampton on Sunday and settled in at Adonna & Brett's place. Got to Uni early to have a look around the place, but it looked like everything was shut until ~8:30. I grabbed an access code to the education lab that happened to be Macs. Just needed to check mail and blackboard anyway.

Lectures started in pretty comfortable fashion and the day pretty much went to plan. I had resolved my placement at St Luke's by the end of the day. One problem fixed, 3 to go.

Got access codes to the IT rooms at lunch and used them at every break to go over the online coursework. May as well get the most out of being up here.

26/4 (10h) - Picked up the textbook, 2 jobs down. Most of the morning is general orientation with the other starting Uni students that could be safetly skipped. Spent the time in the lab going over the blackboard material. There's virtually no posts on the forums so maybe no-one else is hitting it this hard. I put my 2cents worth in about some anomalies in the netiquette tests.

Lectures are getting more involved on actual content rather than housekeeping. We go through using the blackboard and at least I found out about the GDLT overview course accessible from inside blackboard, but not from MyCQU. Cleared up IT/Maths instead of IT/Science, 3 jobs down. Only Student ID card to go.

Missed another meeting opportunity with Dennis Jarvis to talk about the PhD. looks like it's not to be.

27/2 (7h) - Get in early and use the labs to finish off the content for the first 2 weeks. Should be enough to see me through to a study group setup. 2 actual lectures today on coursework. Some interesting stuff, and it's looking like more work than I planned. All the preparation going into a lesson looks like total overkill and I'm sure no-one at St Luke's goes into that much depth. Maybe you get used to it and don't have to write everything down?

After being spurned by all sorts of departments in an attempt to get a student ID card in person, I finally find the right guy who simply asked for my drivers license and a minute later I had my card (dodgey license photo included). I'm happy. Everything outstanding is now done and it's looking all sorted.

Final lecture finishes 1 hour early and Riki's suprised. I take it as a sign to head home early, hopefully to arrive for tea.