Monday, March 24, 2008

GameLog 32

Sins of a Solar Empire (25h) - An email coming through alerted me to a 1.03 upgrade to Sins. I hadn't even touched it since the betatesting my pre-order over 6 months ago.

The game plays Ok, but is oh so slooow. It's especially true when you're trying to finish up the game. The game on Sunday night went for 7&1/2 hours, but I knew after the first 2 that I'd win. After the first 4 I had every tech and 1/2 the map, but it still took 3 hours to hunt down each race. I haven't even finished either. It got to ~2:30 am and I was nodding off waiting for my fleet to munch through their defences and colonize. Maybe another 1/2 hour for them to concede.

Dwarf Fortress (10h) - Soaking up my lunch hour at work along with a different dungeon at home. Convinced Sam to give it a go too.

Pirates! (8h) - Started getting hard to win the sword fights at level 5, and then got distracted with other things.

Football Manager 08 (2h) - Still debating whether to write up the Gateshead games from a manager + history buff wife's perspective.

Trackmania Nations (2h) - St Luke's CCG.