Saturday, February 23, 2013

GameLog 276-284

Hmm, 2 months without a GameLog. This is going to be guesswork for the most part, especially since hardly any of the games have steam stats to help.

ToME (25h) - With toME being crowned the Roguelike of the year again, and it making the final push to 1.0.0, I put a couple more characters into the meat grinder. Funnily enough it's only recorded my last couple of attempts maxing out at level 14, but I'm pretty sure I've dug further than that in previous incarnations. Speaking of incarnations, the count is now up to XXXV in the current build.

Mechwarrior online (20h) - Plays pretty true to the mechwarrior series with a Word-of-Tanks-like upgrade system. Looks like they have thinned out the night maps too, whish has made it a little more approachable. With the ability to group up to 4 players, it's also more welcoming for LANs, alsthough it does suffer from the same fate as WoT in that it's almost more fun playing it single player. There needs to be a way to easily see your lancemates in-game and share comms or some such (beyond skype). Light mechs FTW.

League  of Legends (15h) - LAN standard, plust a FWOTD every now & then. Probably watched over 5 hours of pro LoL too.

Minsecraft (15h) - Picked up  a 2nd account for cam, and also set up a server for both of us to play on. I'd been contemplating doing that for a while as the Minecraft fad hasn't pushed past the year 3's yet. It's a little more meatier than him watching me do hardcore runs too. Rach is in on the act too, and most days there is either one of them puttting in several hours of creative fun in one of their worlds.

with it a more multiplayer environment in th
Guild Wars 2 (10h) - Couple of LANs. Most have lvl 80's now.

Highborn (5h) - new turn based strategy with a somewhat comical storyline. Didn't see a difficulty setting, but it seems to roll over pretty easily. Picked this instead of getting my own copy of Unity of Command (played Greig's over the hols). I think it's filled the need, but I've got a hankering for Philip of Macedon or some other grander strategy.