Wednesday, June 30, 2010

GameLog 151 & 152

Dominions 3 (18h) - Dominated an Aran map, but felt the need to a longer game to get into the mid/end game. Now playing Caelum in the dawn of discovery campaign.

EVE (17h) - Big session with Lance, but it seems the driving force of the game is just making money. Need a clan or something to get past the interface and into the game. Picked it up for $2 on steam though ...

Puzzle Kingdoms (14h) - God bless steam sales! seems like every game on steam is now on sale, and there's some awesome gems that I meant to get earlier that are now practically free. $2 for Puzzle Kingdoms? SOLD! Plays differently enough to Puzzle quest to keep me interested.

Grepolis (10h) - Ticking along. Neighbours got a little restless, but at least I have a steady stream of battle points now.

League of Legends (10h) - Big, big LAN session and more people to the meatgrinder that is lvl 1 LoL.

For the Glory (9h) - More steam sales. Playing through as the Danish to try to keep the nordic empire together. Got taken in by the starry lights of Mecklenberg and now no-one in europe like me very much. Gave up after continually losing battles in russia when outnumbering them > 5-1. Couldn't see any correlation to the stats it was giving me, they just keep fleeing at the sight of blood. Might restart to see if it's an endemic problem.

Civ4: BtS (6h) - More LANs

Final Fantasy XIII (4h) - Almost able to change team members, but it's still linear. Heard an interesting talk from Dr Julian Dooley about a broad literary review on violence in video games and the impact on the brain. Seems the causal link is sronger than smoking to cancer, so for the moment FF XIII is off the rotation for Cameron and me :/. Need to find his lit review and do a proper analysis.

MtG: Duels of the Planeswalkers (3h) - Ahh, good old magic. I miss modifying the deck, and somethines the turns grind on a bit while other times you miss your chance to cast that interrupt, but it's still a great take on the game.

TrackMania Nations (1h) - Nascar races after drawing racing tracks with Cameron.