Monday, February 01, 2010

GameLog 131 & 132

UnAngband (40h) - Playing through competition 81. Made it out to level 25, but a mistake choosing a drain ability means I'm probably going to reroll. Might just see what's on top of the tower though ...

Civ Rev (10h) - Opened up another game of CivRev on the iPhone to while away some free time at Mum & Dad's. Almost won another game on deity. Just need to choose whether I want space race, culture or economic victory. Might see if I can get a mashup of screenshots to show how easy the game is.

Civ IV: BtS (5h) - Eventually fell to 4th in the tech race and fell off the grid when the AI's met up and traded out techs from under me.

Trine (3h) - Plays better at night. Captures the mood of the graphics better and is more visible.