Friday, February 19, 2010

Bargara flooded


Been raining all day and I wasn't too surprised to see Hughes Road cut off. Went around to the Causeway and it, too, was over by a fair amount. still had some people attempt the crossing in 4WD's, but it would have been past the bottom of my car.

Headed back around to Seaview road, but it was cut off just after the railway tracks. Looked a little easier to get over than any other crossing so far, but there was still the back part of Watsons Road that I was worried about. Backtracked and eventually went over the Hummock to try Windemere road. I've seen it flooded before near the train crossing in large deluges, but this time it was pretty high.

Another backtrack across to Elliot Heads Rd and my last option of getting home. It was across Back Windemere Rd in a couple of spots, but you could at least see the bitumen through the water. One cooled the footwell, but nothing got in.

As a point of interest I headed back up Watson's road to se how it now handles the water as it used to be worse than Hughes road. It was still over, but having greater than 50 metres of width it looked easier to cross than Hughes road.