Monday, January 18, 2010

GameLog 129 & 130

Football Manager 2010 (25h) - T.Bowes - FM 2010 into April now and we're hovering between 4th / 5th and still in the hunt for the trophy. Playing a pretty good streak at the moment with both strikers on song.

Trine (11h) - Another Steam sale. Great little game that impressed me with the quality and polish for an indie.

Civ IV: Colonization (10h) - Own nearly all of the Americas, but the british invasion aren't attacking the forts, just bombarding them ATM.

Civ IV: BtS (7h) - Not to be outdone by Football Manager's claim to the most time of 2009 , Civ gets another round of play to see if there's any steam achievement unlocks. In a bit of a bad situation theweakest on an island with 2 others, but allying with Egypt through religion has made it possible to be on the attack to wipe out spain.

UnAngband (4h) - Playing through competition 81 in the new patch as a VERY weak mage. Killed myself a couple of times trying to throw arrows, but even shooting arrows caused enough backfires to kill off a couple more 4hp retries. Given up on arrows and sticking to sneaking and chill from afar. Works great on molds, and basically run screaming from everything else until at least level 3.

Team Fortress 2 (1h) - Time for the Rocketboy to get some lovin'