Wednesday, October 28, 2009

GameLog 117 & 118

Been up the farm fighting fires over the past week so the count is down somewhat.

Depths of Peril (10h) - Filled out a weekend after Ben and Levi started playing it again. $20 was an easy buy to go past level 7. Should probably get back into it to finish a lev 25 character. Still trying to figure out if it's best to just concentrate on the story or grind the others into the dirt as soon as you can.

Dominions 3 (10h) - Listening to 3 moves ahead got me interested in this one again. The demo is still long enough to get a good jump into the game. I'd buy the full version if it were <$30, but $50 for a 3 year old game is a little too steep.

Bejewelled Blitz (5h) - 311K. New week 269K. I can pretty consistently get above 100K and am attempting to get the 75K-100K up to 5 star before the 50K - 75K one. ~20 left to go on the 50K one, and about 90 on the 75K one, but I'm getting about 5 to 1 75K's over the 50K badges so it'll be close.

Quake Live (3h) - De-stress after work

Tiger Woods Golf 10 (2h) - Got my 4 amateur wins and am averaging ~67. Only need to see out the season to get up to the pro's.

Wii Fit (1h) - Soccer heading and advanced marbles.

Geodefense Swarm (1h) - Figured out the scoring mechanism rewards killing them right before they exit, so it's even more interesting to finely tune a level to get a high score.

Trackmania Nations (1h) - couple more laps around the F1 circuits.