Wednesday, October 07, 2009

GameLog 115

Revelling in not having any more assignments or Uni work. Guilt free gaming!

Civilization: Beyond the Sword (20h) - Pulled out my old HDD to scratch the Civ4 itch. Various modes of 3v3, Meso-America scenario and Fall from Heaven II total conversion.

Dwarf Fortress (15h) - 2 more settlements taking shape. Was thinking of documenting one, but the seasons seemed to just slip away.

Tiger Woods Golf 10 (10h) - Happened across a 2nd hand Wii, and I liked TW10 enough that it was worth the purchase (and the Wii Fit board sounded alright too)

Majesty 2 (2h) - Bogged down a little about 1/2 way through. Bit disappointed you can't build temples anywhere.

Wii Fit (1h) - New Wii and its exorbitant battery demands now graces the living room. Record of 505 on Soccer heading, one miss early in the piece.

Bejewelled Blitz (1h) - Nearly time for the new version!

Geodefense Swarm (1h) - iPhone game recommended by a number of podcasts (or possibly Rabbit on a number of different podcasts). Nice mix between TD and puzzle.