Tuesday, October 13, 2009

GameLog 116

Bejewelled Blitz (4h) - New version has a lot more options for matching, and not having to wait before matching another triple means that it is more skill based too.

Tiger Woods Golf 10 (4h) - Couple more rounds. Still going great. Hopped online for a go at some of the public tournaments and people were averaging 21 under in one round! Got to 13 under using super tiger, but I'll have to get into the swing of it more before heading back online.

Zynga poker (2h) - had some weird sleeping patterns over the weekend and found myself waking up to play poker at 4 in the morning. Usually that almost bed time.

Wii Fit (1h) - Couple of Skiing attempts.

Geodefense Swarm (1h) - The goto game on the road at the moment, but only in dribs & drabs.

Trackmania Nations (1h) - couple more laps around the F1 circuits.