Wednesday, August 05, 2009

When does poo cease to become interesting?

This morning while having a shower I overheard a conversation upstairs between Cameron and Sandy. It went something like this:
Cameron: "Mommy, come quickly! Look!"
A few moments later, footsteps from the front of the house toward the back. They stop.
Sandy: " Oh, this isn't about your poo again is it?"
Footsteps retreat.
Sandy: "I don't have time for that ..."
Cameron: "But it's in the shape of a C ! ... or a L .."

When does poo cease to become interesting?
At the start of potty training we're overjoyed seeing the deposit successfully retained inside the porcelain, but certainly wouldn't boast about such a feat when grown up. In fact, poo being such a touchy subject it almost seems foreign that you'd show delight about it at any stage!

Parents know though. So many stinky nappies. Potty training is a firm victory worth celebrating.

When does the praise and adulation wear off? Somehow I felt sad at that moment. A little window into the interestingness of poo has been closed; it's now back in the realms of not-for-discussion topics for the rest of Cameron's life.

Rachael, on the other hand, still hasn't got the whole potty training deal yet, so another window is opening up in the near future ...