Tuesday, August 18, 2009

GameLog 107

Started to use Raptr for tracking playtime. Seems to pick up way more games than steam, but is still not able to track everything ...

Hinterland (20h) - Had forgotten all about this one, but picked it up cheaply on steam. Still a little buggy and laggy even after 9 months of patches, but it's got that majesty feel to it (even though you have more control).

Civilization Revolutions for iPhone (20h) - may have missed documenting this one last time, but Civ for the iPhone was great, if a little too easy. Definitely the highlight for strategy games so far (most are pretty casual), although I can still see me playing iGo a long time from now. Might look at a crossword one too.

Team Fortress 2 (4h) - Testing the new update. KotH maps are a little lame. Once a team takes it they pretty much have 30 seconds in the bank. The ending is rather anticlimatic.

Poker (2h) - late night action.
Bejewelled blitz (2h) - Still trying to figure out whether there is any deeper strategy to it. Still addictive, although I may have it in a less traditional camp than most strategy games.

King's Bounty (1h) - Popped over to the 2nd island and realised I'll need to finish of the 1st island to get XP up. Not too motivated to finish the outstanding ones.

Hearts of Iron II (1h) - Japan started the Pacific war. Showed Dad a bit of it, but he didn't seem interested even though he likes historical battles.