Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hinterland Achievements

After playing a couple of games and beating it on hardcore, I had a quick glance at the remaining achievements in steam to see what else the devs thought were interesting challenges. 4 of 9 still remained:
- Lone wolf: Win without inviting anyone into your party
- Guardian: Win without any settlers dying
- Disrespectful: Never accomplish a King's request
- Champion Attain level 12

Hmm, what if I don't employ anyone? That should take care of the first two, and hopefully leave enough XP to get to champion, and being disrespectful would be entertaining too.

I first tried a couple of runs with an outlaw as it seemed to fit with the disrespectful nature, and also had the maximum difficuly multiplier. I think it's definitely posible, but you have to be pretty lucky to get the free food perk on 1st or 2nd level up otherwise you'll starve, and having regeneration everywhere is good for the sanity.

On the other hand, orc shamans have the same difficulty multiplier, but don't have to worry about food as you can get it from drops. They actually fel more solid as a solo character too. Managed to snag regen on the 2nd level to help push the game through a little faster and completed it in about 4 hours. In the end I charged the hardest fort with 10 summoned goblins that I'd been saving. Managed to take down a group of 3 super quickly without taking any losses, so I tried again on a final group of 5. Something nailed the little guys pretty quickly and 2 archers were hitting me for over 1/2 health a shot! Stuck to my guns and pulled through after downing 20 odd potions.

Mopped up the remaining areas and just dinged 12 one the 2nd last battle. Noice.

Looking back at the achievement list, I would have completed every single one in that game. Fairly unorthodox playstyle though so I doubt anyone's popped them all in their first play through the game.