Monday, July 27, 2009

GameLog 104

King's Bounty (16h) - VRBones, 6 mage. Picked up King's bounty and Hearts of Iron II in a 50% sale on steam for ~$25. I'm really getting into KB now. Even though the story is typed and it feels like something to skip through, the game has a good atmosphere about it. Played an all-nighter on Saturday, so that's a good enough sign for its addictiveness. First major boss battle completed, and I'm surprisedyou can't use the rage box. Wierd decision by paradox. Cleaning up some skipped quests on the first island before venturing forth.

BloodBowl (7h) - Almost finished the first cup with Sore'Uns, but it was just getting too easy in realtime mode. Wins of 15-1, 16-0 etc. Game crashed after 16-0, so I left it at that. After a bit of reflection I restarted a classic game with the Lizardmen again. Going to use rerolls to counter the insanely frustrating dropsies. Won 3 matches so far and nearly compleded the cup.

Hearts of Iron II (7h) - Heared a bit about Hearts of Iron III on the strategy podcast 3 moves ahead and wanted to check it out. Played through most of the other paradox games, so the interface and nomenclature wasn't much of a surprise. Still too ~2hrs for the tutorial. Started the coral sea scenario to get my feet wet in a limited context, but quit once I lost a cruiser with little chance of production. Starting a new 1934 campaign as Australia. Going full air for an alternate history.

Facebook Poker (2h) - Couple more tournaments. Over 90K now.

World of Goo (1h) - Cameron's getting into World of Goo again, and Mum had a go.

Paper toss (1h) - Best iPhone game so far. Just simple, yet really addictive for a 5 minute filler.

iPhone games (1h) - assorted freebies.