Tuesday, July 21, 2009

GameLog 103

Facebook Poker (12h) - worked up to ~70k, then lost about 60k on the iPhone interface. Picked up another ~50k on the weekend.
Bejewelled Blitz (2h) - still not sure what the best strategy is. Vertical matches seem to get more action above the match and more penetration down to the bottom stale section, but they take longer to drop. It seems very random whether you get 50k+ or 10k with almost the same type of movs
BloodBowl (2h) - Another flogging in blitz mode 11-3 to the good guys.
iGo (1h) - First iPhone game that I paid for. Plays a fairly decent game of go, and keeps the table the same so that you can play a couple of turn and then put it away. Going to be good in the long run.
Paper toss (1h) - Best iPhone game so far. Just simple, yet really addictive for a 5 minute filler.
iPhone games (2h) - assorted freebies. Just hunting through the appstore in catchup mode. Some are Ok, most are variants of online games.