Monday, December 22, 2008

GameLog 71

Couple of extra days down at Andrew's and I got to jump on some of the 360 games I've been reading about. Even managed to make up a proper gamer card for XBox Live since Fallout 3 uses it on PC:

(Edit: Hah, gamer cards don't seem to be visible on Chrome, but Ok on IE & FF. That's 2 things I've found that don't work on Chrome, Hotmail and gamer cards, both Microsoft products ...)

Kongai (10h) - Been digging into the developer side of Kongregate to experiment with making a flash game based on Card Chess. It been taking longer than I thought, but at least I now have bouncing "Hello World"s and a pretty good grasp of the asset to ActionScript interface.

AS3 is turning out to be very much like C++, so it should definitely be achievable getting the game up and running, but it's going to be more plod than RAD. So far I have the 6x6 layout and the middle terrain area set up, but issues with VMs not writing consistently to local HDDs has caused a couple of hard resets and a rewrite of the code :(.

Gears of war (8h) - Played Co-op with Andrew to see what it's like. I still can't get my head around FPS on consoles. I'm constantly frustrated with aiming sluggishness when I need to change targets rapidly and aiming precision to track moving targets. I know it would be a skill learned eventually, but I've seen Zyos play in person and I still think he'd get raped by an average Joe with a mouse + keyboard.

Little Big Planet (6h) - Finally finished the campaign! I'd like to redo the levels again as 2 player as it's impossible to get 100% without multiplayer on the levels. With the new patch it's also a lot easier to search for new levels. Found a cool present delivery level that plays a bit like diner dash.

WoW:WotLK (4h) - BundyBear, 72 Warrior.
Sandy is forging ahead. I'm skipping sections so that I only have to do the areas where we need the 2 of us to get through when I finally get in there.

TrackMania Nations Forever (3h) - More circuit racing.

Atlantica (3h) - Got swayed by a kongregate ad spruking a free to play tactical MMO. Think Heroes of Might and Magic fights. It's got a great mentoring system that had a level 79 come and help me out once I'd been through the initial stages. Can't find any decent shops yet so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with the junk I'm collecting, but at least enchanting gobbles up dupes into something useful.

Dungeon Crawl (3h) - Was leading the favourite roguelike of the year on Ascii Dreams, so I tried it out. The Win version with tiles and mouse control played a little differently, but I miss a shop or a form of information discovery.

Braid (1h) - Andrew had this on his XBox so I got to play a couple of levels. Feels very wierd coming from LBP back to a platformer with no physics, but I enjoyed the rewind ability and it did fit in well with the leadup story. Would have played it a bit more if given the chance.