Wednesday, December 03, 2008

GameLog 68

Puta's been playing up recently. First it was a blank screen on boot ~2 weeks ago that a reboot fixed, then 2 reboots to fix, to now about 1/2 hr of fiddling just to get the screen to come up. It's the 8800 dying a slow painful death. Hopefully a GTX 260 is on it's way soon...

Fallout 3 (7h) - VRBones, Level 13. Got a GECK, got a shock, woke up in a strange place with 700pounds of crap stored in a cupboard.

Little Big Planet (6h) - Cameron's fave.

TrackMania Nations Forever (4h) - More circuit racing.

WoW:WotLK (3h) - BundyBear, 70 Warrior.
Another quick session with Sandy. Scott's down too, so he's playing it lots.

Guitar Hero: World Tour (2h) - Band with Sandy. Also found out the drums are broken :/.

World of Goo (2h) - Back up to level 2.

Football Manager 09 (1h) - Gateshead ECN XXth - Barely loaded up the game. Haven't even played a match.