Sunday, December 14, 2008

GameLog 70

Puta's still playing up on boot, so I've been leaving it on for the past couple of weeks. Went down to Andrew's for a 5 day holiday so I had to turn it off for the trip and I never got it back up. Replaced it with a GTX 260 which surprisingly worked straight away. No power updates, no graphics driver issues. It's a little sluggish in WoW, but it's caining TF2 and TrackMania.

Little Big Planet (8h) - Made a new level called Sackboy Cannon: See how far you can shoot yourself. Basically a launcher on one side and a ratchet on the landing pad so that you collect more points the further you shoot. Simplistic, but I got 9 people playing it within 5 minutes of it being posted, so I'm impressed by the immediacy of the publish / feedback process. Almost done the story mode I'd say as there's little room left on the globe.

TrackMania Nations Forever (8h) - More circuit racing.

WoW:WotLK (8h) - BundyBear, 72 Warrior.
Finished up Borean point. Running around in a Murloc costume was awesome!

War3:TFT (5h) After playing some TD over the weekend, I felt the urge to run through DotA AI version again. The latest incarnation has the AI's levelling much faster than you can, so it becomes a race against time more than a better approximation of a DotA game. At least they can hold their own though, didn't manage to win a game against insane bots.

Z+Angband (4h) - New version of the Zangband code with more work on the outside and quests.

Depths of Peril (3h) - Hearing it mentioned in a top 10 list for games of 2008 I needed to check it out. I like the faction dynamic, but some things are too similar to diablo that it shows up the interface. I'll be giving it another go though.

Game On! arcade (3h) - Spent the main part of Saturday at the Game On! exhibition at the Queensland library. The setup was spread over 2 levels with old arcade machines and handhelds on the bottom level and most of the console stuff on the second level. The highlight was the original SpaceWar! game emulated from the PDP-1 version. It's quite advanced in terms of game concept, design and fun compared to pong.

So many great arcade machines there from my childhood. Tron was awesome, as was 1942 and Asteroids with a vector monitor. It reminded me of nearly purchasing a Vectrex as my first console purely because it had inbuilt asteroids.

Of interest was a large absence of PC games. Although there was presence of Spore and The Sims, there were some junky console games there that could have been replaced with genre' defining games (Eg, no MMO or RTS at all)

Kongai (2h) - Showed Fr. Andrew how to waste away time playing Kongai instead of Desktop TD.

Guitar Hero: World Tour (1h) - played a couple of songs at Andrew's place on the 360 version.