Tuesday, October 28, 2008

GameLog 63

Far Cry 2 (10h) - After a whinge about emulation software from the DRM, I decided that was the final straw and time for a format. The new motherboard made the transition a bit easier, and a new external enclosure with 2 extra 500Gb HDD's made it easy to try something different. I've been fiddling around with truecrypt at work for password files and the new version allows whole disk encryption. Took about 2 days to get set up, but it's looking Ok. There doesn't seem to be any noticable performance hit on games using the transparent encryption.

Ausgamers did a pretty good review of the game, but the comments are pretty spot on too. Software mouse = boo! Multiplayer = Boo! Everything else = YaY!
Or you could have a pisstake at the buddies. I can't wait for Zeropunctuation's angle ...

Colonization (5h) - Tiny map only has 1 player and the natives. Kinda boring, but good for total land grab.

World of Goo (2h) - Bit of towering at work

GH3(2h) - Tried some hard songs again after some training analogies of Fast, Slow, In time.

Warhammer Online (1h)