Monday, June 23, 2008

GameLog 45

Guitar Hero III (10h) - Mat & nat came up for the baptism on Friday night, so we got stuck into GH. Scott and Greig joined in on Saturday to give it a good thrashing. Finally got past "Welcome to the jungle" and ploughed through a couple more sets to be only 1 song shy of "cliffs" on medium.

Spore Creature Creator (6h) - Took an eternity to get, and the full version only offered a couple more options to peak my interest. Cameron enjoyed it sso I'll probably be fiddling with it every now & then.

FM08 (2h) - Gateshead, Season 3, 8th BSP

FuryBand (2h) - VRBones LXXI, Level 18 Mutant Beorning Jedi

Metal Gear Solid 4 (1h) - Hard to find time when Sandy and Cameron aren't using the TV and I'm not interested in something else.

Battle of Tiles (1h) - Demo'd it a bit to others